Executing to Net Zero

The time is now.

Businesses are devising their strategy to get to net zero, and Lumeri is helping ensure it is being executed on trajectory.

The world is going to net zero.

Transforming the energy system to one that is sustainable and decarbonized is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. It also represents one of the greatest opportunities to make global energy more available and economical for providers than ever before.

The rising need for decarbonized and renewable strategies and projects brings a new mix of challenges—moving too fast, too slow or in the wrong direction. Companies will require an actionable energy transition strategy that they can trust and successfully execute.

What we do

Our energy transition offering gives you a partner in executing your strategy and delivering your projects with certainty.


Our clients see the full potential of their sustainability strategy, realize the value of heightened awareness, and elevate their teams to get it all done. We work with leaders to deliver their strategies across the organization, gaining trust, ensuring impact, and collectively aligning behind a unified purpose.

Execution Certainty™:

We help both leadership and their project teams execute the most complex projects. By deploying our Execution Certainty approach in a complementary way, we can ensure you’ll achieve your most complex imperatives and projects at the largest scale.

An industry in transition

Supporting the success of both the decarbonization of existing operations and executing new renewable energy projects are both critical to the viability of environmental and fiscal sustainability.

Decarbonization transformation

Identifying and removing carbon from across the business operation is key to achieving net-zero success while providing the world with the energy it needs from oil and gas. We partner with companies on accelerating their decarbonization plan while ensuring it works for their culture and financial viability.

Executing renewable energy projects

We have years of experience delivering mega-projects alongside the largest companies in the energy industry. Partnering with energy owners, producers, and their contractors to execute their most challenging projects safely, on time and on budget.

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