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Faced with an organizational challenge beyond normal business?

Charged with a high-stakes initiative that could have sweeping impact?

Driving a complex project across multiple teams, organizations, and stakeholders?

Need expertise on how to maximize results with the simplest effort?

Clarity on Your Organization’s Strategic Imperatives

Lumeri is a business consulting firm that understands the complexity of large global organizations’ strategic imperatives. The stakes are high and the challenges complex.

Our clients will tell you they enjoy partnering with the people at Lumeri. That’s because we are dedicated to their success. In fact, ninety-eight percent of our work comes from client referrals.

Lumeri designs precise solutions that complement existing initiatives, amplify team efforts, and simplify leadership focus—lighting the way for large organizations to deliver meaningful, sustainable results.

Lumeri UK Leadership

Richard Neale, Managing Director

I am privileged to lead Lumeri UK to help make an impact on the performance of UK-based companies at a time when the challenges they are confronting are perhaps more complex and the stakes even higher than in the last 50 years.

With Lumeri’s Execution Certainty™—a unique and proven complementary leadership empowerment tool—and the support of a talented team, we make the difference between your success and failure.


Neil Bruce, OBE, Independent Advisor

Execution Certainty
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