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Lumeri is a business consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies deliver when the stakes are high and the challenges complex.

Lumeri designs precise solutions that complement existing initiatives, amplify team efforts, and simplify leadership focus—lighting the way for large organizations to deliver meaningful, sustainable results.

Our clients will tell you they appreciate partnering with the people at Lumeri. That’s because we are dedicated to their success. In fact, ninety-eight percent of our work comes from client referrals.

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Execution Certainty is a framework for leading the world’s largest and most complex megaprojects and strategic initiatives.

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  • Megaproject Execution
  • Energy Transition
  • Technology Transformation

We offer a proven approach for attracting, retaining, and promoting women in leadership roles.

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  • Inclusive Culture
  • Diverse Workforce
  • Empowered Women

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