The Advancement of Women


Know that having more women in executive positions is the right thing to do? Losing your talented women leaders? Looking for top expertise on gender diversity?

Our highly acclaimed live online experiences for The Advancement of Women offer you a proven approach to attracting, retaining, and promoting women in leadership roles, while bringing out the very best in your women leaders.
“(Lumeri was) . . . integral in creating a shared space for vulnerability and served as
catalysts that ignited change across the company and broadened a larger
conversation about the advancement of women in the world.”
Meredith Lubitz, SVP, Talent, Dow Jones
“Thanks for an awesome program—it pushed me to allocate time and focus to my own personal goals, growth and wellbeing and to reflect on how I can positively impact others.”
Indelible Mark® program participant,

Women in leadership is good business.

Today, most companies state that gender diversity and equality are critical business objectives. After all, research shows that having women in executive positions and serving on corporate boards has a positive impact on a company’s performance. Most know it is simply the right thing to do.

And yet, organizations have spent millions and are still struggling to attract, promote, and retain women employees. Progress has been woefully slow, and in some cases completely stalled.

Our clients tell us that their priorities include:

  • Creating a respectful and inclusive culture for all employees
  • Delivering on the gender equality commitments they have made publicly
  • Advancing more women into top leadership roles and equipping them to be expressive and effective in their new roles
  • Helping mid-level women leaders have the confidence and life balance to progress as far as they aspire
  • Making the company known as a great workplace for women

Lumeri has helped companies throughout the world turn the tide on gender diversity. We understand how to unlock what is at the heart of advancing women to leadership roles—and ensure they continue to succeed after doing so.

Lumeri is a woman-owned business.

Complementing an organization’s existing efforts, our services crack the code and provide real results. Our approach is proactive and positive. It is based on the premise that “self-power” is a key component in the upliftment and advancement of women.


Receive a third-party perspective of the current climate along with recommendations on exactly where to focus to turn the tide.


Set an overall strategy to meet gender diversity objectives with thought partners bringing deep outside expertise.


Implement customized leadership programs within a fully immersive live online environment (or in person where possible) that equip women to access their own confidence and self-power to be change agents for cultural transformation throughout your organization.


Create a work environment in which both women and men are vital partners in a modern workforce that counts on diverse perspectives to better serve its customers.

“This has been the most interactive and best online training I have done so far!”
The Advancement of Women program participant
“The Indelible Mark® program is the glue that keeps the Women of Impact together. Even though they are from different cohorts, the entire group can relate to their common experience and deep desire to impact healthcare from their unique platforms.”
Joanne Conroy, MD, CEO and President, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and Founder and President, Women of Impact

Indelible Mark™

A Leadership Program for Executive Women

The Indelible Mark® program is especially designed for executive women who are successful and ready to explore their enduring legacy.

The program is a unique opportunity for executive women to step out of day-to-day demands and deeply reflect upon what is most important. This brings heightened clarity to their enduring impact and supports them to be more successful, fulfilled leaders today. Most executive women have had extraordinary careers and want to make a wider impact, as well as pave a path for future leaders.

This highly participatory program creates a welcoming, safe space for authenticity, enabling women to benefit from each other’s experience and insight. Often, a woman in an executive position is the only woman in the room, and she may feel alone. Participants leave the program with a feeling of deepened understanding and belonging that quenches a thirst they didn’t know they had.

We introduce new concepts and perspectives for even greater performance gains that participants can easily and immediately apply to challenges both now and long into the future. We offer this two-day program as a fully immersive and interactive live online experience or in-person session.

Indelible Mark™

A Leadership Program for Mid-level Women

Why do mid-level women leave their positions at twice the rate of their male counterparts? What are women who are midway through their career seeking?

We have found that mid-level women are dedicated and thrive when there is a direct link between their own purpose and that of the organization. They gain more confidence when they feel they are not alone. They excel when they know it is okay to develop their own unique leadership style—different from the person who is in the position they aspire to hold.

Our leadership program is designed for mid-level women to elevate business impact, expand career fulfillment, and build a community of women leaders.  Program participants will learn to expand their self-power as a differentiating factor in their success. They learn how to swiftly move past limiting performance beliefs, which has a lasting impact on their careers.

Formulated with business stakeholders, a typical program spans six months for up to 80 participants. We offer the program as a fully immersive and interactive live online experience or a combination of in-person sessions and webinars.

“After a full day with Lumeri, I am beyond impressed with the content and their ability to build such a moving training program.”
The Advancement of Women program participant
“Super successful women have fears too—this was liberating.
I was promoted to a job that didn’t exist before and completely lined up with my passion.”
Indelible Mark® program participant

The Advancement of Women Principals

Lucinda Hanover

founding partner and ceo
Over the last 30 years, Lucinda has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations to meet their most pressing strategic priorities. At Lumeri, the consulting firm she co-founded and where she currently serves as chief executive officer, Lucinda has pioneered a consulting approach specifically applied to gender diversity challenges, complex technology implementations, and megaprojects.

Lucinda is an innovator. She is unparalleled at bringing diverse groups of people together to achieve game-changing performance goals. She is deeply committed to empowering women to bring their unique gifts to the world stage. Throughout her career she has designed and led women’s transformational leadership programs for Fortune 500 companies around the globe to drive high business performance, culture change, leadership, and individual productivity.

Peggy Williams

senior partner
For 30 years, Peggy has worked with executives around the globe to realize their organization’s essential mission and meet their most strategic challenges. Her consulting experience spans four continents, diverse languages and cultures, and a wide range of industries including energy, biotech, healthcare, and technology. Peggy is adept at supporting leaders in isolating and crystalizing the few critical areas on which to focus to turn the tide in positively impacting business results.

Fifteen years ago, Peggy recognized the need to focus on advancing women leaders and has been passionate in that pursuit. This work has included supporting women leaders from across the U.S. and Europe, as well as the Middle East, China, and India. Peggy believes this is a critical time for women leaders to elevate themselves and make their unique contribution.

The Advancement of Women: A Global Impact

Women from more than 25 countries have participated in The Advancement of Women programs across North America, the British Isles, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania.


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