Execution Certainty™

Your Force Multiplier

Execution Certainty is a framework for leading the world’s largest and most complex megaprojects and strategic initiatives.

How will you ensure your project is reliably executed and fully captures the intended business value?

Embrace the challenge ahead. Deliver with confidence.

Whether you’re working on an overall organizational transformation, a critical imperative or a multi-billion-dollar megaproject, we will help stack the conditions to ensure your success.

You will operate with elevated levels of discernment, clarity, and confidence:

  • Discernment for the handful of strategic issues that will undermine success versus the countless red items that must be mitigated through traditional means
  • Clarity on exactly what is required to effectively address those challenges
  • Confidence gained from identifying and then reliably resolving them every step of the way

“Execution Certainty has saved us at least a billion dollars this year.”

Executive, Project Director, Oil & Gas

“We made numerous transformational decisions on the FGP project. The most impactful one was to take on Execution Certainty with Lumeri.”

Gerald Stone, Senior Vice President, Project Director

A World of Experience

On over 70 complex multi-billion-dollar projects located around the world

World map showing countries where Lumeri has experience.

Client Success

The last 10 megaprojects Lumeri consulted on:



days early on average



major safety awards


80 % to 105 %

of budget

“Execution Certainty will augment your team’s project delivery to not only meet your client’s expectations, but to exceed them.”

Stephen Tucker, Project Management Professional

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