Execution Certainty


Even on the best-run projects, there is almost always a disconnect between executive intent and the project team’s day-to-day execution.

Execution Certainty™ is a complementary approach that bridges this disconnect.

Power your people forward
in today’s high-stakes environments.

After working on sixty-plus megaprojects, we’ve learned the key differentiators for success are:

  • Discerning the handful of strategic issues that will undermine long-term success versus the countless challenges that arise and can be mitigated through traditional means
  • Constructively disrupting those strategic issues from multiple directions in order to set them on a new trajectory


Execution Certainty will:

  • Raise awareness, foster transparency, and elevate ownership for addressing embedded challenges
  • Recognize progress and help celebrate success along the way
  • Keep focus at all times on achieving what is required for collective success

“Lumeri’s Execution Certainty™ is a transactional process
that drives transformational thinking.”
Senior VP Project Director, Oil & Gas

Confidence Every Step of the Way

Hear Lumeri’s Doug Hanover and Adam Wallace explain how Execution Certainty™ can power the success of your large-scale projects.

“The work that Lumeri did to support our project has
saved us at least a billion dollars this year.”
Executive, Project Director, Oil & Gas

Client Success

The last 10 megaprojects Lumeri consulted on:



days early on average



major safety awards





of budget

A World of Experience

Our consultants have worked on over sixty complex multi-billion-dollar projects located around the world.

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